Inner Code – Your True Potential


Why does a sports team, which is weaker than its opponent in almost every physical and skill-level aspect, dominate the game? Or why, on paper, a completely sovereign ”dream team” or top individual underperforms for no apparent reason? Not a single player has been replaced, the playing equipment has not changed, the external conditions are exactly the same.

The external elements are the same, the internal code has changed. In order to be able to function at the best possible performance level, both psychologically and physically, it is essential that your inner world is in balance. It has been said that your outer world reflects your inner world. In order to change the external world, your inner code has to change, be it body shaping, performance, focus or peak performance!

Anyone who has wanted to lose weight permanently hasn’t stayed at that goal for a little while longer unless their inner code changed.

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Inner strength

So, how to change your inner code to unleash your inner strength and what prevents us to make changes?

Manage uncertainty

Fear and uncertainty are the biggest reasons of failure in all areas of life. The better we learn to know ourselves and manage uncertainty, the better we will be able to achieve our goals and perform our top level. It’s all about maximizing our inner resources.

Inner strength is an ability to manage our daily routine, it is resilience, it is willpower, and it is willingness to step into discomfort. It is also the ability to handle our inner fears and manage our stress levels.

Tools for change

Change requires energy and devotion, bravery to breaking old codes such as beliefs, fears and thought patterns what has hold you back. Change starts by understanding your mind-body system and 6 fundamental skills how to build more resilience, focus and overall state of vitality to enable lasting change.

Optimize your resources

Our coaching will teach you how to optimize your inner resources and use them effectively. We will help you to discover your inner code and guide you how to use it to achieve your goals and re-write your destiny.


  • Specialists and star contributors with at least 5 to 10 years of work experience who have been identified as outstanding prospects for increased leadership responsibilities


  • Managers from any business function and at any level, from project leaders to vice presidents

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