Negotiation and non-verbal communication expert | Former Undercover Agent

Sami Sallinen

Sami is a negotiation and non-verbal communication expert. He is a former Undercover Agent, Narcotic and Homicide Crime Investigator and Officer at the Finnish Security Police. Sami’s expertise includes human behavior, communication and negotiation skills and stress management.

The ability to communicate in challenging situations is one of the most important skills for today’s top leaders, and successful & powerful teams. When you have a deep understanding of human behavior in different situations and you know how to manage challenging conversations, you can build a team that experiences deep trust and that works great under pressure.

”It does not matter whether it is a dangerous undercover meeting, difficult team discussion or challenging negotiation with a client. It’s always about understanding human behavior, optimizing your performance and communicating constructively.”

-Sami Sallinen

Sami talks about challenging yourself, how to build trust and how to negotiate in demanding situations. He is a well-known keynote speaker, coach, media commentator on nonverbal communication and founder of the trademarked Tactical Negotiation method. Sami is also the author of the books BodyCode (“Kehokoodi”, 2019 and 2020), Tactical Negotiation (“Taktinen neuvottelu”, 2021)  and Fear and Courage (“Pelko ja Rohkeus”, 2022).

Sami’s coaching sessions provide tangible tools for managing challenging interaction situations, building trust and handling demanding negotiation situations. Personal experience from extremely challenging police assignments, combined with researched knowledge, provides the listener a strong memory of tried and tested methods for dealing with pressured situations.